INTEGRART aims at investigating the best practices of digital informal learning together with existing knowledge on education to stimulate migrants integration into society.

INTEGRART is designed to create a new innovative digital solution and foster active learning among migrants and encourage them to seek for new, modern, and interactive methods of learning through the employment of peer-to-peer learning and cooperation.

The Polish – Dutch – Norwegian partnership has been created to address the observed problems of integration of migrants in Poland and other European countries, especially those coming from Ukraine and Eastern Europe. But also coming from Poland to the Netherlands and Norway. The experiences of Norway, which has accepted and hosts a significant number of immigrants from non-EU countries, would serve as an inspiration and support for the inclusion of migrants, especially those moving from Ukraine to Poland.

Migrants’ successful integration may enrich and contribute toward the development of mainstream society. In those efforts, informal education and “peer to peer” learning may play a significant role. Successful migrant path to integration may become a model for their peer group. Development of skills, including language proficiency, social and soft skills competencies may be supported by creativity and art.

To achieve that goal the Community of Practice and Art will be built and sustained supporting integration efforts.
INTEGRART involves migrants in helping their peer group boost creativity, integrate knowledge and skills, connecting their expectations and needs to the real world, and their interests and personal goals. Specifically, they will help them connect and improve their abilities to influence others as pathfinders of better integration within hosting society.

Project partners invite migrants as co-designers and co-creators to explore the best ways for better integration through focused music driven artistic projects.


The participants – migrants – will work in different environments – online, in the meetings and workshops – to design, create, select, filter and test music based visual, text and multimedia resources supporting effective integration efforts. The approach of the INTEGRART project is to jointly develop and engage migrants into successful integration using digital education tools.

INTEGRART project builds innovative system for supporting training for a new generation of competent and creative migrants. Digital apprenticeships focused on migrant needs facilitates their integration efforts using digital tools and methods and consequently path the way to access to social integration in their host country.


The focus of the project is the development of the comprehensive system and tools supporting integration of migrant civic leaders using digital tools supporting their creativity through ART. Most of their training is based on the individually crafted support building digital skills and competencies. Special focus in the INTEGRART project is given to support of the migrant women and girls.

The base of the training is the 2018 Horizon Europe seal of excellence award winning platform SMRT.BIO which measures strengths and passion through psychometric tests which help migrants to build individual digital competencies integration development plans.